Your Home: Castle or Commodity

Of course, you value your home.  It is a primal human instinct to find and keep a home.  Man's connection with land and shelter runs very deep.  Our homes becomes the frame around the life that we have been leading inside it.  For most, our home is our largest financial asset.  On top of that, our home can be a statement of social standing and a large source of pride and self expression.  It is your castle.

Hard to be objective?  You bet.

But the market sees your home as a commodity.

It will not pay more for your home, no matter what it means for you, than it will pay for another similar property.  It will not pay more than what other similar properties are selling for. It will not take into consideration how much the seller has put into the home.  Buyers do extensive research: with a REALTOR, on the web, through print ads, and neighbours.  The days when a seller could make a killing with an uninformed buyer are long gone.

To get in step with buyers, can you make the shift?  From castle to commodity?

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