Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Posted On: Monday, March 18, 2013

Beware of carbon monoxide levels in your home.

Carbon dioxide is introduced into your home by a fuel burning appliances that are not functioning properly or venting properly.  Even at low levels of exposure, CO can put you at risk of serious health problems or even lead to death.  It is sometimes called the Silent Killer.  The risk of CO exposure is at its highest in winter months when your furnace and fireplace are working hard to keep your home warm  That is why it is important to take a few easy precautions to minimize the risk.  Check your natural gas appliances.  As a first step, have a licensed HVAC contractor inspect, clean and service your chimneys, water heater, dryer and fireplace yearly.  It is also wise to check your chimney and vents for cracks, blockages, rust or holes.  Check your flue for blockage.  Obstructions such as nesting birds or creeping plants also present CO hazards.  Have these obstructions removed and have a guard fitted to stop any bird from nesting.  Also ask your HVAC contractor to check the flue to ensure it is drawing properly and is fitted correctly.  CO and smoke alarms save lives.  A final step is to ensure that CO and smoke alarms are installed according to manufacturer' instructions.  These should be located near bedrooms and on every level of your home.  Be sure to change batteries every spring and fall, with our twice yearly time change, and keep your family safe.

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